GlobaLog® is the world’s most advanced and most precise tool for managing the risk of overexposure to cosmic radiation.

The ‘brain’ of the GlobaLog® system is an advanced relations database able to handle the complex interplay of five key factors affecting individual exposure to cosmic radiation.

  • Duration of flight. The GlobaLog® system generates individual accumulated dose readings based on air-time information only. This information is received automatically from client airlines via a data exchange module.
  • Minute-by-minute variations in cosmic radiation. Variations in cosmic radiation occur over a range of time scales: The 11-year solar cycle, daily fluxes and solar-originated disturbances which vary from minute to minute. Average readings are therefore imprecise measures of an individual’s exposure to cosmic radiation.
  • Flight route. The earth’s magnetic field provides protection from cosmic radiation. But because of the structure and dynamics of the field, the level of protection varies with latitude. It is at its highest around equator, and at its lowest above the Polar Regions.
  • Altitude. The earth’s atmosphere also provides protection from cosmic radiation. But the level of protection depends on altitude. The radiation level approximately doubles with every 6000 feet of increased altitude. The dose of radiation at the cruising altitude of jetliners is between 200 and 400 times greater than at sea level.
  • Aircraft performance profile. The GlobaLog® system also takes into account the different performance profiles of various aircraft. This further increases the accuracy of the dose readings generated by GlobaLog®.


Peer Widar Wollenberg
Mob: +45 29619160

Lene Kampmann
Marketing Manager
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“GlobaLog® is an excellent product that
delivers on it’s promise. We are about to
commence trans-Atlantic flights and
expect GlobaLog® will also play a role in
optimizing flight rostering. I know many of
our pilots also make good use of the
GlobaLog® electronic logbook.”

“It’s a source of great comfort for our
pilots and cabin crewmembers knowing
their exposure to cosmic radiation is
calculated and accounted for on an
individual basis. GlobaLog® also enables
our pilots to keep their logbook when
most convenient for them.”

“GlobaLog® does everything it says and
more. Setting up the data channel was
easy and the level of service is good. My
colleagues and I are convinced GlobaLog®
provides the most accurate picture of how
much cosmic radiation our pilots and
cabin crew are exposed to.”

“GlobaLog® has made it easy to provide
our pilots and cabin crew members with a
personal cosmic radiation account.
GlobaLog® has helped increase
understanding of cosmic radiation among
aircrews and thus helped us fulfill our
legal obligation to inform them about the
health risks involved.”

GlobaLog® – as seen by the airlines in the words of our customers
“We are very pleased with GlobaLog®. The
system makes it easy to comply fully with
EU directives and national regulations.
GlobaLog® also enables us to pursue a
health & safety strategy of ensuring the
cosmic radiation load is shared equally
among those of our pilots exceeding 1.0
milliSievert annually.”

“We are well aware that the EU directive
on cosmic radiation monitoring is
currently not being enforced to the letter.
It’s a comfort factor knowing that with
GlobaLog® we are fully prepared for when
that day comes and will not have to rush
to implement technology for keeping
individual radiation accounts.”

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